Read Me First

This website is a static archive of, which will expire on 30 Oct 2023. Anything that exists at that domain after that date is not the "real" North Bay Communicators website.

This archive is provided for historical purposes only. It is not maintained and should not be expected to function interactively (features such as Search will not work).

The North Bay Communicators Network was created as the result of the closing of the STC North Bay chapter in 2013. We are a collection of professionals and individuals involved in some aspect of the communication industry.

This group no longer meets and should be considered defunct. This website will remain available for the foreseeable future as a static archive. We hope that someone can benefit from the various resources that date back to 2000.

The old group members do still communicate from time to time via a maillist on If you’d like to sign up with that maillist, use this page to register.

If you’re interested in resurrecting this group or have ideas for setting up a technical communicators group in the North Bay, subscribe to the maillist and pitch your ideas!

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