Monthly Archives: September 2013

STC NorthBay chapter is closing

STC NorthBay members will likely have received an email indicating that STC headquarters is closing our chapter for “low activity.” We are sad to see the chapter come to an end, and value the networking and social time we’ve had together. We are hoping to have a final meeting (or two) as a chapter and you’re all invited at no charge. Proposed date is Oct. 24.

We encourage you to remain members of STC and affiliate yourselves with one of the other Bay Area chapters:

We are planning on starting a new group that’s independent of STC, a resource that will provide an opportunity for professionals involved in a wide range of writing and publishing fields to network and socialize. This group will be open to anyone (STC members or not) at no charge. Details of this new group will be sent out to this list, and you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for another mail list we’ll use to communicate within the group. We will formalize plans for this new group at the Oct. 24 meeting, so be sure to join us if you can!