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STC-NorthBay .. what’s next?

Our meeting on October 29 was well attended and quite productive. We have decided to create a new group that is not directly affiliated with STC to support communicators (of all types) in the North Bay. This group will meet regularly (frequency to be decided) and will likely alternate between educational meetings and socials. We hope to continue meeting at the Petaluma Senior Center since it seems to be a central location and has WiFi (so we can offer remote attendance).

We are hoping to locate a sponsor who will fund the meeting venue, but we have a plan for that so shouldn’t be a problem.

The new group will be called “North Bay Communicators Network”, and will have a web presence at

The success of this group will depend entirely on involvement and support by the members. There will be no dues and no membership requirements. If you want to be involved, you are a member.

We will be setting up a new maillist for the group, which you will need to subscribe to if you want to receive emails and information.

You are, of course, encouraged to renew your STC membership and affiliate with one of the other local chapters if you’re benefiting from that organization. This new group is not intended to be a replacement for STC, but to provide local and more personal support for communicators in the area.

More info will be sent out in the coming days/weeks.


Welcome to the North Bay Communicators Network website! We are just getting things set up, so bear with us for now. You should be able to log in or register add new ideas to the “Ideas!” forum.

If you have an avatar registered with, that image will be used in your forum profile.

Over the coming days and weeks we will be adding more information to the website. Please do add your suggestions to the forum and volunteer to help out.

Announcements and information about this group will be sent to the NBCOMM Yahoo group. You can sign up for that mail list at ..